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Not much here, we should try to get some more taken of us.

Early 97 The picture on the left was taken near our apartment in early November 1997, our first week in Lake Oswego, Portland and the whole US of A.The one on the right is me trying on my new referee's uniform for the first time. Snazy or what? (Not!) Man in black...
On the river

On the left is a photo from the CPi evening cruise down the river back in the summer of 1999.

On the right is a photo from Christmas 1999. We were watching one of our favorite TV programs, Ally McBeal, when one of the main characters, Billy, came in with his hair bleached and an ear stud. I said 'I could do that' and Cathy said 'ok, then.' So just before Christmas I had my hair bleached and put in an ear stud. It caused an absolute riot in the office, but soon grew out. The ear stud remains, however.

Two blond boys